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Author: Jayaraman

Alphabet G /2

10. Graphic Arts Film : Some kind of plastic substrate base film on whose surface some kind of  photographic sensitive material remains coated. These films are meant  to make negatives or positives suitable for  printing press....

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Alphabet- G

 1. Gang Runs: Where the print runs , colors and also the sizes are same, they are clubbed in one layout  and printed in order to utilize the machine effectively and to reduce wastage of paper. This is called gang run. On...

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Alphabet- F /2

10. Finished Size : Ultimate size of print that will be delivered to the customer  after production is completed.  In 90 % of the cases the printed paper is trimmed to the correct size after the printing is completed. However in...

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Alphabet – F

1. Foil: A thin film made of metallic, plastic or other similar material which will be used like ink in  foil embossing and foil stamping. The foil also comes printed with several designs. They are also used by food packaging...

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Alphabet- E/2

Estimating- An Model exercise A model estimate is shown below. The pattern may change from press to press to include or exclude certain factors as the in-house processing techniques may differ from press to press. Generally the...

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