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1. Emboss : Read under debossing. 2. Emulsion : Though there are two types of emulsions referred, when some one refers to emulsion, it is meant to be for the photographic films or photographic papers. The emulsion is a chemical...

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Alphabet – D/3

16.Dandy Roll: A dandy roll is a light roller made of a fine metal mesh fixed on the paper making machines that can affix a watermark onto the sheet besides smoothing the surface. The dandy roll woven with raised image carry a...

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Alphabet – D/2

  9. Dummy: Rough layout which will show  the position of  texts and illustrations to be incorporated in each of the page of the final publication. Based on this guidance layout, the final page making with all corrected text...

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Alphabet- D

  1. Densitometer and Density : A photo-electric device that measures the degree of darkness of the processed negative  or degree of light transmitted or reflected back from the surface of an opaque object to calculate and set...

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Alphabet – C/3

23.Color filters: A small sheet of colored substance either made of glass, very thick gelatin, or highly transparent plastic material is used as stopper of certain light rays  while making color separation negatives or positives...

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