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Printing Technologies - Alphabetical

Alphabet- A

1. Artwork: The original piece of copy containing illustrations etc either received from the customer or prepared in the press room for a print material. The art work –either in black and white or colored format- may include all...

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Alphabet- B

1. Backup: To print on the reverse side of a printed sheet. 2. Binding: The process of fastening both loose printed and non-printed sheets into some sort of a book, magazine, students note books, writing pads, brochures,...

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Alphabet- B/2

14. Basic Weight : Paper is grouped by its basis weight which is not only meant to put them to use for specific print material designed, but also to work out the cost of printing as well. The term paper weight not only restricts...

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Alphabet- C

1. Caliper: It is an instrument to Measure the thickness of the paper which is normally expressed in units called micron (1 mm equals 1000 microns). Also available is a tabletop model(caliper) with which the thickness of the...

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Origin of Currencies

Origin and growth of Bank Notes and Currencies – 1

ORIGIN AND GROWTH OF BANK NOTES AND CURRENCIES – 1 The birth and growth of Paper Currencies and Bank Notes stemmed from several facts spread across centuries. It will therefore be interesting to know how the Paper Currencies and...

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Survey on Excise duty Labels/ Stamps -I

 Written  by :  N.R. Jayaraman It will be interesting to note that printed Security Excise duty Labels or Stamps pasted on the Liquor Bottles is one of the lucrative and challenging business for the printers who are engaged in...

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