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Alphabet- J


1. Job No: A simple number assigned to a specific printing work in a printing firm to track the progress of the work. This will also be required for future references and therefore part of the record keeping process.

2. Job Ticket : The Job tickets contains the actual production time of a job and the materials that were consumed in various stages. It will also indicate the sequence of operations to be taken for the specific job. This ticket will bear the Job ticket No and sent to each department where the operations connected to the specific job is carried out. Supposing a job contains seven operations, the job ticket will go to the first operation and as soon as the first operation is over, the same will be sent to the next department after filling up the details of the  first operation .

The Job ticket will also contain the details in  brief.  For example when a book of a particular size is to be printed, the ticket will indicate the job No, Book size, colors, special insertions if any, No of copies, Paper to be used, Starting date, and job to be completed date which of course will be filled at the end .

The ticket will also bear the works order No to indicate that the work has been authorized. The job ticket will provide a lasting record of various jobs actually completed and remains valuable management tool to determine future budgets, predict equipment failure rate, material consumption, and other important information meant for decision making. This document also provides important details about goods and services rendered for the same job earlier if any. Once the job is completed,the final costing is done based on the  Job ticket for raising the invoice.

3. Jogger : Jogging in printing is an important operation meant to remove the static in the paper if any, and to align the entire paper particularly to the side and top edges that enters into the feeder first so that the paper gets perfectly registered. This operation is to be carried out  before loading the paper on to the feed board for printing, cutting or even in some operations in binding like punching holes, gluing on top edges for letter pads, packing etc .
What is jogging? This is to vibrate the paper manually in a skilled manner that some amount of air enters between the sheets so that the static, i.e the artificial stickiness of paper due to friction with each other is removed . The paper loaded with uneven edges will cause feeding problem on the printing machines.

The art of jogging has now been taken over by the automatic joggers in the presses  where huge stocks of papers are handled. This machine, basically meant for document handling  has been found to be more useful where huge stocks are handled everyday. A simple vibration machine with sloped platform evens-up stacks of paper in operation. The paper jogger help align bills, mailers and invoices for mailing, folding, inserting or opening thus increasing the efficiency of the operations hereto manually done. Paper jogging machines have become a convenient tool for printers and paper converters who require perfectly aligned sheets for quality output.

…………Additions to alphabet J to be continued under J/2

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