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Organization and Management – Project or Feasibility reports


 Organization and Management
Project or  Feasibility reports


(Written by  N. R.  Jayaraman)

As we discussed earlier, the Project report is of two types.
(a) For expansion programme of the running Organisation.
(b) Set up a new unit with all infrastructure facilities.
What we propose to discuss now is about the Project report for a fresh unit.
Compilation of the Project reports will be done few stages. It will not be a report compiled just like that and submitted. They need several basic inputs.

(a) Collection of certain basic information.
(b) Collection of relevant inputs from other such manufacturing firms if possible.
(c) Interaction with relevant team members or the head or owner of the Organization to understand their expectation.

In this respect let us first understand the basic data that needs to be collected before compiling a Project or Feasibility report ?

1. Topography of the area where the Organization is proposed to be set up.
– unless the size of the unit proposed to be set up is known, the project report can not be compiled, as the manpower requirement has to be worked out based on the size of the firm.
2. What is the structure of the Organization? – To engage in the production activities or render only services ?
3. The structure of the Organization- Whether Multi level plant or single plant organization.
4. The products proposed to be manufactured- whether end product or ancillaries, chemicals or support items.
– Unless it is known whether the Organisation is going to be engaged in the task of manufacturing a consumable item, capital item, spares, raw material needed for a product and other proposed details, the Organisation structure can not be defined.
5. Whether the proposed plant will be manufacturing product proprietary in nature or items manufactured by others too.
6. How big is the Organisation proposed to be set up- whether a small industry, medium or a bigger firm .
– unless the size of the unit proposed to be set up is known, the project report can not be compiled, as the manpower requirement has to be worked out based on the size of the firm.
7. Whether entire range of items will be manufactured in plant or some to be outsourced or to be done with contract labour.
8. Whether the plant is going to be newly constructed in full or an extension of the existing plant.
– Since the underlining purpose of the Organisation is logically to facilitate co operation amongst the firm’s variably skilled personnel and to channel their efforts to achieve the common goal, the Organisation needs to be defined to clearly state the tasks, fix up responsibilities to each task etc to prepare the project reports.
9. How much water and power may be required for such plants.
10. Whether sufficient Electricity and water resource available in the plant proposed to be set up.
11. Whether the firm requires consolidated project report i.e from construction of a building, purchase of capital equipments, the manufacturing techniques, the plant structure, manpower , functions of each group etc.
12. How many known units are engaged in the production of such product.
Based on the above a rough blue print will be prepared to show the basic structure of the Project, man power or setting up departments, the time frame required and based on the discussion additions and alterations will be noted in the concept before commencing compilation or simulation. Prior to preparation of the blue print a Preliminary discussion will also be held with some building contractors to understand the structural requirements .
For example the blue print of the general structure of organization prepared for preliminary discussion is  as shown below:

………To be continued

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