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Know everything about Paper -2

Know everything about Paper –2
(Written by : N.R. Jayaraman)  

The Qualities and use of of some of the  varieties of paper  are:

a) Writing Paper is generally made of wood or Esparto pulp and are fully sized so that the printed image or written matter does not bleed through on the other side.

b) Kraft Paper is high strength paper made from wood pulp. They are generally meant for wrapping and packing and are used for making grocery bags, envelopes etc.

c) Packing Paper  is   paper or paperboard used for wrapping or packing good.

d) Paper for Security Printing : Generally all the security papers are made from cotton or linen rags to give high strength. These papers have both hidden and visible security features like security thread, water mark, invisible color fibers visible under special lights and other such features.
e) Bond Paper: Originally these papers were meant for printing bonds (agreements) and other certificates. They are very strong and durable and has high finish some of which carry watermark too. They are also used for letterheads and printing many other print material. The thin bond paper is known as Manifold paper and are used for making manifold carbon copies.
f) Air Mail Paper: Air mail Paper is lightweight with high opacity and good quality to withstand writing and printing . These are used for letters, flyers and other printed matter to be transported by airlines.

g) Parchment Paper : Strictly speaking the parchment paper is made from the skins of goats or other animals. Vegetable or imitation parchment is also made to resemble animal skin finish. The acid gelatinizes the surface fibers and the dried surface is grease-proof, has a high wet strength and is very resistant to disintegration by water and many solutions. The artificial parchment paper is used for packing mainly bakery products as they have non stick surface.

h) Granite Paper : The Paper with mottled effect used for greeting cards and other specialty printing.
i) Linen Paper : The Paper manufactured giving linen finish to the surface used for Greeting cards, invitations etc.
j) Acid free Paper : A type of paper, which does not contain any acidic substance that may affect acid sensitive material. Paper mostly used for printing those which require to maintain the whiteness and stay durable for many years without deteriorating early as the archival documents are exposed to heat and cold in several manner. The natural acid content of the wooden pulp is neutralized to give durability to the paper.
k) Laser Printing Paper : The Paper meant for use on Laser printers are specifically formulated for strength, surface, and moisture properties to meet the operational requirements of those machines. The special Laser printing Paper prevents incorrect feeding, jamming in rollers, and damage to the copying equipment. may occur if incorrect paper is used. Dust and lint produced by recycled papers can build up in the printing unit and cause stacking or jamming in the rollers while the machine is running.
l) Tissue Paper: Tissue Paper is also low quality either glazed, unglazed, or creped, and are used for a variety of purposes. Examples of different types of tissue papers include sanitary grades such as toilet, facial, napkin, towels, wipes, and special sanitary papers. Desirable characteristics in these types of tissue papers are softness, strength, and durability apart from appearance.
m) Art paper : High quality printing Paper specially made for printing high quality photographs and illustrations especially by Letter press printing. The Paper has coating on both sides with some material like China Clay, Kaolinite, Calcium Carbonate etc. Chromo paper is one such Paper under this category. 
n) Antique Paper : Printing paper having good bulk and opacity with rough or matte surface for printing invitations, Greeting cards etc.
o) Azure laid Paper : A laid paper usually bluish green in color having a good writing surface. 
p) News Print Paper : Light weight wood pulp paper of cheap quality used for printing News Papers and Magazines. It has high tensile strength to give high folding resistance quality .
…………To be continued

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