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Pelmanism- 1


(Main tips based on “Pelman system for training of Mind, Memory and Personality” taught and practiced seventy years ago)

Compiled by N.R. Jayaraman

The basic need in every one of us who are working in industries and other establishments is to control our thoughts.  If we conquer our thoughts, there will be little need to worry over our actions as every one of our action face reactions in one way or the other, be it result  in  good or bad.
Remember every one of us has inborn will power of our own. Every hour one way or the other we elect to exercise our will over some decision or others and their consequent actions. The will in us some time turn  into stubbornness when our actions may go wrong. Stubbornness in every issue is not a good sign to continue. It needs edit. To apply the will to edit thinking is not one of the easiest things to do, but it can be done if one keep emotions under control. How can it be achieved?
Relax…..Relax now and then in many ways which need not be sleep alone.  No matter how fit in mind and body one may be, consider little relaxation while working. Relaxation is diversion from routine thoughts. Just a cup of tea enjoying its flavor, a few yards walk -may be till rest room (Toilet),get up from the chair and stand alone for few seconds etc. From the point of efficient working, relaxing could be an wise investment. You can see even machineries, engines, animals, and even soils have periods of rest which regenerate their efficiency.
What is relaxation? Letting all muscular tension fade away so that the limbs and organs are allowed to sag while the mind becomes light thereby curbing anxiety which brings in fatigue. The anxiety and  fatigue can attack anyone who enjoy  working  outstandingly with brilliant brain unless they relax and relieve the intensity greatly. Resolve the following while relaxing:
-I am resolved to shape my tomorrow through my thoughts of today
– Everyday from now on  I shall do something to consolidate my future success.
– I intent to translate purposeful thinking into progressive action through my will (power)
-I shall develop the power to concentrate so that no endeavor may fall midway for want of well plan
-My mind will work for me, I shall ensure that it does not work against me.
– Will discover the  source of negative feelings and ensure that they are erased from my mind.
-I shall ensure that my personality (act) command favorable opinions
– For good judgment, mind control is essential. I shall control my thoughts meaningfully by concentration in action
– I shall practice forethought for every act
– Let me adjust my power of seeing, feeling, thinking and will to act to meet the needs of tomorrow’s world.

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Retired Govt of India Official. My hobby is to write articles that range from Printing technologies to Spiritual.

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