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Reporting on employees 

Reporting on employees  is different from reporting technical problems. Whenever a problem connected to workmen occurred, the Supervisor will have to first determine the seriousness of the situation and the appropriate response required before rushing in to report. The  first reaction over such incidents is to take stock of situation in cool and composed manner unless the incident involved fist fights leading to bloodshed or accidents which of course are serious enough to prima facie report without second thoughts.   
While reporting  any incident involving employees, accidents or expressing his opinion on any issues involving employee problems, the Supervisor needs to be cautious and act in fair manner without prejudice  in mind  towards any particular group of employees. This is where maintaining  personalized diary with day to day recording of even minor matters will prove helpful at some stage

If the situation involving incidents of  employee or employees is not alarming, then the  Supervisor should first show positive approach to  discipline the employee
s by exercising  his personal wisdom, discuss pros and cons of the incident to lead the employees to the path of  good behavior in future.  This will pave way to implement progressive discipline in the work units and therefore the Supervisor needs to consider appropriate time and place for the disciplinary actions to correct the uncorrectable employees. 
Unless corrective  actions  taken with his own wisdom failed and  patient approaches exhausted,  one should not rush to reporting which should be final but forceful to instill fear in the minds of subordinates that the Supervisor above them is humane, but at the same time when limit of patience is crossed he will fire with gun (act).  Once reported it is expected that the disciplinary process happen reasonably in short time  without causing undue delay lest next process of indiscipline will surface. 

At each stage in the correction process the supervisor should meet the employee in private and discuss the issues by explaining issues with reason.  If need be  a confidant employee is also associated to be witness to such  process. 

Progressive discipline is a patient process  involving  mind conversion of   employees misbehaving  in the workplace.  This process will be slow, but should be steady  to give scope to the  employee to improve himself as every act of misconduct by him may not have been done intentionally and their sudden burst out may have been borne out of anger or emotion.  However, if  some of the rogue employees fail  to make use of the good gesture from the Supervisor the end result of a progressive discipline process should be severe penalty if necessary even termination from service.  Remember that the ultimate reporting suggesting harder actions should happen only after giving reasonably long rope and all avenues of  progressive discipline failed to yield the  result.  In any case no indiscipline that affect productivity improvement should be allowed and nipped in bud itself.

Quality added services- Various other approaches 
Ego is the worst  enemy of  an individual.  Every one in the industry, irrespective of their status, expect that they be respected and recognized whether they have admirably carried out the duty or otherwise.  They long for recognition in some way or the other.  This is an inseparable nature of a human. In view of this fact, the employees working under a Supervisor should be handled psychologically by exploiting such sentiments to ensure serene working atmosphere.

Many of the Japanese industries have been practicing a technique by which they are able to not only improve the quality of the products produced by them, but also improve the behavior  and efficiency of the employees. Some of the  general practices adapted by them is reported to be the following:
  • There is no harm in saying simple ‘hello’ when you first meet them at the start of the day and say ‘goodbye the end of the day. This does not mean that you are very close to them. It only conveys the symbol of respect on others.
  • Spending few minutes of chatting with the employees can keep lines of communication intact and set positive tone for  future communications.
  • Say ‘thank you’ for even an unimportant or small job done. Be specific while thanking for the task done by saying something like ‘ wonderful job done, keep it up. Thank you’ or ‘But for your effort, may be this job would not have been completed in time. Thank you’. The word ‘thank you’ is only symbol of good gesture.

  • Even though one need not  interact as personal  frienor maintain family friendship with co employees, personal touch like inquiry on their health on telephone, sending messages through some one or personal visit especially when employee fall seriously ill or some calamity occurred in their houses, greet them on their birthdays, wedding days etc will help create pleasant relationship which lay platform for effective communication in future when necessary. 
  • Conveying to the employees about positive comments that the Supervisor  got from others about them and simultaneously appreciate them from his side too.
  • Whenever called in Official meetings, the Supervisor should  not fail to acknowledge the efforts or skills of the work team whenever they have successfully achieved the targeted results.  The compliments of higher authorities along with what he conveyed in the meeting  in respect of the target achieved should be briefly made known to the employees. This can be  source of inspiration for others.
  • Another important aspect that gives soothing effect in the minds of everyone working in the work area is cleanliness as everything starts from cleanliness and serene atmosphere in work place. Therefore the Supervisors may ensure that the work area under him is maintained neat and clean. 
  • Systematically sort out workable and non workable items in the work place and keep them well arranged and organized for use or for disposal in future. With self discipline, the behavioral pattern of every one around the Supervisor  will also drastically change.

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