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Offset Rubber Blankets Data-3

(Written by  N.R. Jayaraman)

Some useful data on Rubber Blankets for Offset Printing. No single source of information is available on the availability and varieties of  Rubber Blankets used on Offset Printing Presses. Therefore I have compiled the data to the best extent possible  so that it will benefit of  Students and others  in Printing appearing in interviews and exams.



Birkan, Gmbh has been manufacturing Offset blankets for more than 80 years. Their range of blanket products – converted and  or coated in their  own production processes for ready-to-use shipping meets the strictest quality criteria and the most advanced technical requirements. They supply Birkan Blankets  with  different code names.

Some of the varieties of Blankets supplied by them include the following:

1) Birkan 5300 -Purple in Colour for high speed and Heat set presses
2) Birkan Aeropress -Dark Green in Colour for sheet fed and Carton printing
3) Birkan Aeropress -Dark Green in Colour for sheet fed Offset printing
4) Birkan Aeropress Special UV -Red in Colour for sheet fed and Carton and Label printing
5) Birkan Aeropress UV Strip -Red in Colour for online varnishing and UV coating
6) Birkan Aeropress UV -Violet in Colour for sheet fed, carton printing and Label printing
7) Amaranth -Violet in Colour for Heat set inks
8) Birkan Dot-Master – Emerald Green in Colour for sheet fed and metal printing
9) Birkan Dot Master RS – Emerald Green in Colour Rough Surface for sheet fed and metal printing
10) Ducoweb N.D. – Blue in Colour for Heat set inks and frequent form changing machines
11) The other ten varieties include Headliner/ Journal/ Masterprint/ Masterprint EL/Masterprint Hybrid/ Masterprint UV N.D/ S.C. 800 Ground/ S.C (Super Compressible) in three thicknesses 95/100/105 G.S/ Super Strip/ S.C (Super Compressible) U.V and Xtra Spot.

Most of the Blankets listed above are supplied in 64°,77° to 82° shore hardness. They are supplied as 3 ply and 4 ply and Blanket thicknesses varying from 1.70 mm, 1.95 mm.

By clicking ‘Request info‘ below you can reach them :

BIRKAN Drucktuchtechnik,
Painhofener Strasse 11
82279 Eching am Ammersee
Fax : +49 (0) 81 43/92 04-24


Imperial Ink has wide range of quality products. It has been founded since 1988. They are also manufacturing Morohoshi Blankets with advanced technology which the firm claim has very little stretch and good ink transfer properties. The firm also claims that their blanket is high performance for superior dot sharpness and solid printing. Morohoshi Blanket was designed using advance technology to give the ultimate print performance on all stocks to achieve the printing quality of today’s demand. They supply Blanket in the name Morohoshi Balnket.

1) Morohoshi Blankets/ Blue in colour/ 1.95 mm thick/ 80° shore hardness

By clicking ‘Contact’ below you can reach them :

Imperial Ink Pvt Ltd,
101 Kallang Way 3,
Singapore 349114
Tel : +65 6745 5665
Fax : +65 6745 5775


Australian company AIM Contracting was formed in the late 1980’s with the express purpose of researching, developing and marketing a unique range of high performance, innovative products and services for industry at large. AIM are official MacDermid printing blanket distributors & carry a complete range of printing blankets for newspaper, sheet fed, UV, forms, can printing etc. MacDermid Blanket was designed using advance technology to give the ultimate print performance.

Some varieties of Blankets supplied by them include the following:

1) Carton Plus – for Carton printing press
2) Endura
3) Graffity for excellent dot printing and News paper printing
4) NP 70 for smooth ink transfer
5) PSUV for UV inks
6) Polycell  – for increased stability
7) Resolute for reduced piling of ink while printing
8) Type 100 series –  for business forms printing
9) Web 64+  –  for web printing
10) NP 40  – for News paper printing

More detailed technical details are not available and they have to be directly contacted.  By clicking ‘Contact‘ below you can reach them : 
AIM Group Australasia Pvt Ltd,
Telephone: Brisbane 07 3207 1033
Sydney 02 8197 8731
Melbourne 03 8685 9247
Adelaide 08 7129 7234
Perth 08 6103 1187
……….To be continued 

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