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Random thoughts – 2

      Random thoughts : 2
Combination NOSand SYMBOLS
to deter Counterfeiting

(Written by  N. R . Jayaraman)
A new unique mechanism should be worked out to speed up the detection of forged notes from any corner of the country in few minutes especially for the high value notes, which are prone to massive counterfeiting. Though initially this mechanism will need extensive trials both in the Printing presses to streamline the process, it will certainly speed up the detection process at a much faster speed. How does the process work ? 
Each note will have usual serial no in one of the two panels, while on the other very different random symbols or numbers clubbed with special characters etc that will be engraved on the numbering wheels as country specific can be used. That means one of the two numbering boxes will have the conventional present number wheels, while the other numbering box will have numbering wheels with only special characters or symbols. The numbering wheel with special characters will be connected will print unique random symbol related to the specific serial nos printed. For example a random symbol generated like *^#@**!% is against the serial no of the note say ARR 3000001 and for ARR 3000002, ARR 3000003 the random symbols generated by the auto programme will be very different, something like @)#**!%# and +^@**!% etc. That means a unique random symbol printed against the specific serial will not be used for another serial no. In short one million note of a specific prefix serial will have one million random symbols of different combination. Both the serial number corresponding with related specific symbol will be memorized on the memory panel of the machine. The machine will have such an inbuilt memory storage which will also automatically be sent to the central storage. 
Ideally the said concept should begin with the higher denomination of bank notes and currencies whose print order levels will be much lower. As the random symbol and the actual serial no will be one to one combination, whenever any suspect note is caught, before the extensive analysis is done to determine the genuine note, the agency can simply send an e-mail to the press concerned seeking confirmation whether the random no appearing against the serial no as seen on the said note was genuine or fake ? The Press data storage can have auto answer facility, which can instantly give the answer in simple word “ Yes “ or “ No “ . Once the confirmation was received, the status of the note could be determined for further follow up action. Since each unit will have centralized data for the notes printed by them it will be easy to contact and obtain relevant information directly. 
Question may be raised as to how this will curb the counterfeiting? With this kind of numbering system, the counterfeiters will find it difficult to counterfeit the notes in huge quantity. The fake notes can also be instantly detected within few minutes. Every action will have counter reaction, the counterfeiters may try to device some means, but it should be the endeavor of the authorities to make the task of counterfeiters more and more difficult and counterfeiting will be a highly costlier than the actual value of the notes counterfeited. 
I only wish some security printer attempt to introduce such a system for some print orders such as lottery tickets, labels for liquor bottles, labels for pharmaceutical products etc. They can give one to one random symbol with batch no or other serial nos printed on the cartons. 

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