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Alphabet – L


1. Laminate : A thin film of plastic material pressed on to another stock like Kraft paper to give glossy effect and to add strength. Besides the said use, the lamination is also done on to thick stocks of printed material which are often handled. It protects them from getting damaged by liquids and  damp weather conditions. The lamination guards the documents from getting scratched during handling and act as tamper proof, tear proof material. Lamination also provides stability to the sheet. Lamination can be a useful for small size pocket size posters, maps, membership cards, calendars, food labels, menus, signs, price tags, ID cards business cards, charts, photographs, place mats, badges, covers, certificates, thick greeting cards, picture post cards, documents, and many such printed material.

2. Landscape: Though the general meaning of this term is an art  representing  natural scenery, this is not the case in respect of printing where it refers to the size of paper and other substances. Landscape refers to the sizes whose width will be more than the length, a reverse of the portrait format. Whenever the books are printed, the customer will have to clarify whether the format of the book will be portrait or Landscape to prepare the layout accordingly. 

3. Lap Register : Unlike butt register where each image kiss touch each other, the images in Lap register slightly overlap to avoid showing  white space between two images printed overlapping each other. This type of registration is not usually done  while printing multi colour halftone images, but carried out provided two colour images are printed overlapping each other, at the same time without affecting the image position. 

4. Label printing: Label printing is also an art of printing and separate Label printing machines are available- both table top model and stand alone models for this purpose. Label printing is a wide term that covers printing on Paper substances to substrates. Label printing is done both in sheet format  as well as on reels.

Varieties of labels including multicolored are printed some of which are Mailing Labels, Address Labels, Brand protection Labels, Shipping Labels, Price Tag/barcode Labels, DVD and CD disc labels, Labels with security features etc. Label printing machines attached with kiss cut arrangement to effect the cuts to specific shapes and sizes are also available. Labels are also printed on pre kiss cut labels. Any self adhesive labels will have to have a release liner material or backing paper that functions as a carrier base paper for the label to protect the adhesive coating given on the back side of the label paper  till they are peeled off from the base. Once the adhesive paper is taken out, part of the adhesiveness will be lost due to exposure to the atmosphere. 

5. Laser Bond : High quality bond paper made especially with smooth surface and suitably packed to remain dry in packing so that they will run well through laser printers. On laser printers smoother surface paper always ensures better adherence of toner to the surface.

6. Layout : This is an art or process of arranging various elements of the printed  texts and graphic on a page prior to printing. Such an exercise will show the overall appearance of the page elements such as page no and type size, typeface, and the arrangement of titles and page number etc.

The layout is also called  guide drawing, a master plan or a blueprint like drawing that indicates the position of various elements of the printed work. Layout also means placement or arrangement of visual elements or ingredients in a work to show the customer, the probable appearance of the pages  seeking approval for further processing the print material. Based on this guide drawing the imposition, page make up, positioning of the text, page nos, headings and images will be carried out with the final composed text material and illustrations.  In short this will be instruction sheet .
7. Leaf : Each side of each sheet of the printed book is called a leaf.

8. Loose leaf : This is general stationery term indicating loose leafs of paper punched with three or four standard holes meant  as insertions in the reference books used by the authors, those attending seminars and conferences  by the businessmen to note down the important points for discussion in those places where they have been attached. They are usually inserted into ring files or special folders meant for their use. The loose leafs are printed in very dull color lines or squares. Loose leaf binders or carriers can be made to any specification with any type of ring fitting the requirement, from 2 ring, 4 ring to inter screw. 

9. Line Work/Copy: Any copy or illustration or art work that contain  images with only series of lines or varying thicknesses of lines, varying sizes of circles and squares, or several visible dots of varying sizes, either in combination with typographic features or without text material  is called line copy or a line original. In such illustrations the continuous tonal values would have been shown not in continuous tone shades, but by different thicknesses of lines and small and big dots. Such formats can be reproduced in the process cameras without the use of   halftone screen. Such work can be either in black and white or can be colored copies. 

…………Additions to alphabet L to be continued under L/2

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