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Offset Rubber Blankets- Data-1


(Written by  N.R. Jayaraman)

Some useful data for  Rubber Blankets for Offset Printing.  No single 
source of information is available that gives the  varieties of  Rubber 
Blankets  manufactured by different firms  for Offset Printing machines. Therefore I have compiled the data to the best extent possible  
from  different sources so that it will benefit of  Students and others  in 
Printing appearing for interviews and exams.

The Printers know that  Rubber Blankets play an important role in the Offset printing process as it is the intermediate medium that transfers the images on to the printed surface from Paper to Polyester sheets. The printing blankets are grouped as :

1) Blankets meant for Sheet fed presses
2) Blankets meant for Web printing
3) Blankets meant for Metal printing and finally
4) Blankets or blanket pasted on rubber rolls for use in continuous printing

The blanket consists of  layers of Fabric, cord ply, layer of compressed rubber again fabric ply followed by  a layer of smooth or rough surfaced rubber coating that acts as receiver of print images for transferring on to another surface.

The Offset Blankets are supplied in different thicknesses, sizes and shore hardness depending on their application to suit the printing machines. Many  blanket manufacturing companies around the world  supply Offset Printing Blankets to suit specific print requirements.  Each firm claim that their product is superior to others.

Therefore the availability of different types of Blankets, their suitability to specific areas and processes, the names and addresses of the manufacturers etc are furnished below to the best extent possible so that it will be of use to the students and others in printing.  The details are derived from the brochures of respective suppliers.

FLINT GROUP , Luxembourg 
Flint group has been serving the Printing, Converting (Packaging) and Colorant industries. They offer ‘dayGraphica®’ Blankets in different grades, sizes and plies. Some  varieties of Blankets supplied by them include the following:

1) dayGraphica 87 ultra – Slate Blue color
2) dayGraphica 3010-4 – Dark Blue color
3) dayGraphica 3000 – Dark Blue color
4) dayGraphica 3610 – Green Color
5) dayGraphica 5200 – Purple color
6) dayGraphica 8200 Eclipse – Light Violet color
7) dayGraphica 8500 – Dark Blue color
8) dayGraphica 8700 – Green color
9) dayGraphica 9500 – Rose color

Most of the above Blankets are supplied in  77° -78° shore hardness and some are also supplied in 63° and 79° shore. They come in  3 and 4 Ply  and  the blanket overall thicknesses varying from 0.07″ to 0.010″. 
Besides the blankets mentioned above, the firm also supply Duco® Brand Ultra cured Printing Blankets for UV printing, Stripping Blankets and Sticky back Blankets.

The other details can be viewed in the respective brochures. 

Flint Group,

26b, Boulevard Royal
L-2449 Luxembourg

T +44 (0)161 776 6810
F +44 (0)161 775 5415
Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg)

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) is the world-wide leading provider of solutions and services for the print media industry besides manufacturing Offset Rubber Blankets. The company offers comprehensive solutions in the fields of sheet fed offset printing, digital printing and in the production of sophisticated parts and assembly groups in the realm of precision mechanical engineering. 
Some varieties of  ‘Saphira and Dey brand Blankets’ supplied by them include the following:

1) Saphira Pro 300
2) Saphira Pro 100
3) Saphira Pro WSF for web printing
4) Day 3700
5) Day 8200 UV
6) Day 9500
7) Day 3610
8) Sticky back form blankets

The other details like shore hardness, thicknesses and ply are not available and therefore one has to directly contact the firm for details given below. By clicking ‘E mail’ below you can reach them :

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG
Kurfuersten-Anlage 52-60
69115 Heidelberg
Tel.: +49 (0)6221 92 00
Fax: +49 (0)6221 92 69 99

ContiTech Elastomer-Beschichtungen GmbH

As world’s leading producer of compressible precision printing blankets ContiTech Elastomer  is manufacturing the CONTI-AIR® blankets for Offset printing. They have over hundred years experience behind them and are held in high esteem by printers, the graphics trade and machine manufacturers.

Their  complete range of compressible CONTI-AIR® printing blankets cover  all application areas in sheet and web offset printing including  including  heat- and cold set inks meant for metal printing.

Some varieties of Blankets supplied by them include the following:

1) Conti-Air® Neon Blue – Blue or Green in color TR for heat set presses
2) Conti-Air® FSR – Blue in color for both heat and cold set presses
3) Conti-Air® Entropia – Green in color for sheet fed Offset presses
4) Conti-Air® Crystal – Blue in color for sheet fed Offset presses
5) Conti-Air® Litho HC (2 ply) – Green in color for sheet fed Offset presses
6) Conti-Air® Ebony – Black in color for UV inks
7) Conti-Air® Prisma HC – Magenta in color for UV inks
8) Conti-Air® 7 Plus – Blue in color for printing solids
9) Conti-Air® Prestige – Black in color for printing corrugated boards
10) Conti-Air® Steel SB – Black or violet in color for rotary Offset and UV printing

Most of the above Blankets are supplied in 48°, 55°, 59° and 63° shore hardness. They are supplied as 2 Ply, 3 and 4 Ply blankets and the blanket overall thicknesses varying from 1.69mm/1.91mm/1.95 mm” . 
By clicking ‘E mail’ below you can reach them :

ContiTech Elastomer-Beschichtungen GmbH
Breslauer Straße 14
D-37154 Northeim
Phone: +49 (0)5551 70 21 49
Fax: +49 (0)5551 70 21 05
E Mail
………….To be continued

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